In the past debugging JavaScript console log output on a mobile phone was required to connect the phone to a computer and viewing the log in the browser connected to the phone.

Since 2019 chrome on IOS supports viewing the console log output directly from the phone.

This can be very useful when a live JavaScript app crashes and no computer is near by.

How to view console JavaScript output:

1. Open a tab in Chrome for iPhone with the URL chrome://inspect and turn debugging on by clicking “start logging” button.

The WordPress block editor “Gutenberg” has several controls for each block such as “Copy”, “Duplicate”, “Remove block”, etc.

A step-by-step guide

Gutenberg block editor, the new WordPress block page editor, has recently become popular among developers. The reason: it’s a simple way to integrate React inside custom blocks, custom panels, and other Gutenberg interfaces, which are now extendable via hooks and functions.

You can add custom fields to your post fields in Gutenberg with some plugins, such as Advanced Custom Fields or Carbon Fields. However, if you want to develop your own fields, with custom logic as a Gutenberg plugin, you must write some boilerplate code.

The hooks and actions apply a similar architecture as PHP’s hooks and…

Why WordPress & React?

The last few years have revealed a trend of improved UI development in the WordPress environment with Frontend frameworks such as React and Vue. Bear that in mind when you see a React error in the console of your website. The source of the error may be a React-app 3rd party plugin and not your own development efforts!

React has long been a go-to for 3rd party plugins, for example, Yoast’s SEO plugin renders widgets in WordPress admin pages with a React App. Now, the ability to develop React apps in WordPress has been eased with the launch of Gutenberg…

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